Do I have to use a public defender?

No.  You are always free to hire a lawyer at your own expense.

How do I get in contact with my lawyer?

You can try going to Who’s my lawyer

Once you get the phone number try calling.

You can also contact Olivia at our office at (707) 900-5177

How do I qualify for your services

The judge will make the determination of your eligibility for public defender services.  He will make his decision based upon a financial application which will be submitted by you on your first court appearance.

Our services are generally limited to financially strapped individuals who are accused of a crime, juveniles accused of a crime, and certain individuals charged with contempt of court.

Will I have a better outcome if I confess?

No.  While your cooperation will be considered, the most important factors affecting your outcome are your criminal history, the degree of harm which the prosecutor believes you are responsible for, and the intensity of the complaining witnesses involvement in your case.

Often a confession will turn out to be the only evidence against you.   Without a confession, there might not be a case.