The Hill Road Inn

The Hill Road Inn aka Lake County Adult Correction Facility. I was given the opportunity today to tour Lake County’s jail. I went inside housing units, the kitchen, laundry room facility, nursing unit, visiting rooms, booking and even their view tower. Before this tour when thinking of a jail I thought of a hot, dirty foul smelling place. To my surprise the Lake County Jail is none of those things. Captain Hosman has fine tuned his facility to run like a well oiled machine. I truly feel that he and his staff do their best to minimize the exposure of a sophisticated criminal vs. the non experienced criminal.  Inmates are housed in dorms with cable T.V., air conditioning, served two hot meals and one cold meal a day, given opportunities to further their education along with other classes to help them in their daily life after incarceration.  Now I am not saying this is somewhere I would ever want to get use to but I am thankful for Captain Hosman and his staff for working hard to insure the safety of the inmates and our community.

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